Haiti Health Project

A project to restore medical and educational capacity after the 2010 earthquake

Hôpital Ste. Croix (HSC) in Leogane, Haiti will be "a hospital of excellence for the 21st Century," Bishop Duracin promised at the November 2010 annual meeting of the hospital board in Miami.

Hôpital Sainte Croix (HSC) is located in Leogane, twenty miles west of Port-au-Prince, near the epicenter of the earthquake that devastated Haiti in January of 2010. It is a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti and is affiliated with the FSIL Nursing School in Leog├óne.

Since its founding as a small outpatient clinic in 1968, this regional medical center has grown to be a full-service referral hospital serving the peninsula of Haiti. HSC also coordinates a network of community health workers and village clinics throughout the immediate rural region.

The earthquake left the grounds of the hospital and surrounding facilities in need of major repairs, reconstruction, and more functionality. Medical Benevolence Foundation is happy to report there are now plans in place to rebuild these health and educational facilities, which are so crucial to the people of Haiti. Together with the Diocese, we have developed a vision for this exciting project that will essentially revitalize an entire city block and the nearby Belval campus.

The work will take place in phases and includes:

  • Reconstruction of the existing hospital building, a new wing and surgery training facility
  • Reconstruction of the hospital guest house and new facility buildings
  • New school and housing for patient families
  • New church
  • New maternity/child center on Belval nursing school campus

Former MBF board president and architect Jimmy Hite was appointed by the Diocese as the architect/engineer for the project. He has developed plans for earthquake-and-hurricane-resistant buildings for both the hospital and FSIL School of Nursing campuses.

With the $750,000 grant obtained by MBF from Presbyterian Disaster Assistance for HSC, the board is optimistic about the future and moving forward with a multi-phase plan for full reconstruction rather than only emergency repairs. Other sources of funding are also being sought, including grants from USAID.

HSC is managed by a board appointed by Bishop Duracin, which includes both Haitian and U.S. members. Dr. Gladys Memnon is the Hospital Director. Her strong leadership promises to keep plans for the hospital on target.

Dr. Will Browne, MBF Executive Director who was recently appointed to the hospital board, reports, "it is clear that Hôpital Ste. Croix will make progress and that the board is energetic and committed for the long term . . . by God's grace, the mission of providing quality medical care to the people of Haiti in Christ's name moves forward. Thanks be to God!"

While many relief organizations have provided much-appreciated help after the quake, MBF has a long history of supporting health operations in Haiti. We therefore have a shared commitment to ensure not just short-term response, but long-term growth and recovery in the region. Through the help of a variety of funding sources, and especially you, our MBF donors, a giant leap forward is being made for Haiti and its people.

How YOU Can Help

Your help is critical in setting the stage for visionary projects like this. This project is only one of many recovery operations in Haiti, and MBF's work in Haiti is only a small part of the MBF ministry of serving people with critical health needs in many parts of the world.

MBF's long partnership with Hôpital Ste. Croix and FSIL School of Nursing in Haiti was the foundation that made this kind of response possible. That is why MBF feels so strongly the call to maintain support wherever we have commitments to medical mission throughout the world - from operational costs, to supplies, to mission workers.

We can't do it without you.

The best way you can help is:

  • Pray for the people working in these places around the world and the people who are served through their service
  • Give a general gift to MBF so that funds can be used when and where they are most needed.
  • Tell others about the work of MBF and invite them to join you in supporting the MBF ministry in Haiti and around the world.

With funds that are capable of being used where most needed, we can ensure that MBF will be there when future challenges arise, just as it is there for Haiti today.

Thank you!

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