Moringa Tree project needed as UN says Congo Malnutrition “Alarming”

Moringa Tree project needed as UN says Congo Malnutrition “Alarming” UN News Service report that a recent survey of five provinces of DR Congo has found “alarming acute malnutrition rates among some 530,000 children under five and more than one million pregnant women.” In some areas acute malnutrition rates were above the 10 percent “threshold for intervention,” and in some cases above the “emergency threshold of 15 percent.”

The results of the survey clearly endorse the need for IMCK Good Shepherd Hospital’s successful Moringa Tree project in the Tshikaji area of Congo. Since 2004, IMCK, a PC(USA) partner organization, has been educating people in the areas surrounding the hospital in growing the trees and using the nutritious powder made from the moringa leaves. Tablespoons of the powder added to the regular family diet provide all of the nutrients lacking in a family’s food.

Today, IMCK's Moringa Tree project has planted more than 6,000 tree seedlings in Tshikagi and 25 outlying villages. Seedlings are free to villagers and cost IMCK $1 each.

Donations to the IMCK Congo Moringa Tree Project can be made through the Medical Benevolence Foundation.

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