Christmas Appeal 2017

Merry Christmas! May the spirit of the season and the love of Jesus fill you with expectation and awe for the coming year.

Think about the moment the wise men saw the star for the first time. Not just any star. It was the star that foretold of the promised new king. The star that in the end, led them to the Christ child. These men had spent much time scouring the skies and marking each move of the heavenly bodies, waiting for the star to appear. To invest so heavily in something and be able to see the end result must have been incredible.

This is how MBF looks at sustainable health care. Faithfully pursuing God’s promise is the key for sustainable medical missions. The Church is God’s chosen tool for change and in the developing world it is the Church that stands as a bright star providing care and hope to those most in need.

Like the wise men, it is a seemingly never-ending journey but we are clearly seeing the fruits from our efforts. Death is losing its grip as lives continue to be saved through medical care at partner mission hospitals and clinics in many countries.

Your ministry makes a difference.

At 20 years old, Marly was living in Port-au-Prince as an expectant single mother. Under a great deal of stress and into her second trimester, she decided it was best for her to go live with one of her aunts in the district of Léogâne in Southwestern Haiti. Still unsure of how to get the care she needed before her baby’s arrival, her cousin pointed her to MBF partner, the Darbonne Maternal and Child Health Clinic (MCH).

MCH is a trusted resource  in the community it serves. Last year alone this clinic performed almost 1,000 deliveries and over 6,000 well baby visits. It was here that Marly welcomed her beautiful baby girl safely into the world. They continue to go to the clinic for immunizations and post-natal care. Marly is hopeful that others will discover the critical health services that MCH provides.

Outside of Léogâne, women and children travel hours to visit MCH and get the care they need but can’t afford. Sadly there are many more families that need medical care, yet struggle to survive day to day.

How can you help?

There are so many more stories like Marly’s where God’s love and grace can be directly proclaimed through medical missions. While we are working to build long term, sustainable medical ministries through church partners, the challenge is meeting the immediate needs of families who will not survive without medical intervention and do not have the means to pay for the services they need.

God calls us to help the widow, the orphan, the almost forgotten. They need men and women who, like the wise men, were led to the Christ child and know His promises.  This Christmas, we invite you to join us in helping others to see Him through medical missions.

As part of your Christmas giving, a gift of just $40 towards Critical Health Services for Women and Children can provide vaccines for one child. A gift of $100 can give an expectant mother the pre- and post-natal care she and her baby need for a healthy start. With a gift of $300 or more you can ensure that treatments and extra services are available for high-risk births. Any amount you give will save lives.

Thank you for wanting to make a real difference in the lives of women and children in these desperate conditions. Thank you for understanding the true meaning of Christmas.