Building Local Capacity in DR Congo

“Let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap if we do not give up.”
Galatians 6:9 

That is a perfect picture of your partnership with the church in DR Congo.

When the Ebola outbreak spread across West Africa, it quickly became apparent that health care infrastructure in the infected countries was woefully inadequate to respond to the disease. Hospitals and clinics were understaffed, under-trained and lacking essential equipment. Under these realities, the disease spread to thousands across Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea before the international community could even start to react to the epidemic. It has taken the coordinated efforts of dozens of governments, many billions of dollars, and tens of thousands of international workers to compensate for a lack of basic local capacity.

Many are looking back at its beginnings and ask the question, “how could this have been prevented?” The seemingly simple response is by building local capacity.

In every underdeveloped country in Africa, the staffs of hospitals and clinics need better medical and management training. Pharmaceutical supplies and medical equipment need to be more available and better distributed. Regions need coordinated health care networks to respond to regional health issues.

Patient with malaria receiving an IV

Patient with malaria receiving an IV.

Building local capacity isn’t about big, international governments and aid organizations that swoop in to fix a problem and then move on. It is quite the opposite. Building local capacity is about creating sustainable quality medical care that is owned and operated by the local community. At MBF, we think that the local church is the key partner to making this happen.

One example of where MBF ministry partners like you are making an impact in building local capacity is in Presbyterian Church of Kinshasa (CPK) in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
The CPK Health Clinics play an important role in the capital city of Kinshasa, the 3rd largest city in Africa with a population of over nine million. The Church now manages seven health clinics and seven maternity centers in Kinshasa. The single greatest challenge to CPK is that each year hundreds of thousands of poor individuals and families come to the city trying to escape the rural areas. The resulting tragedy is that most of Kinshasa’s inhabitants live below the poverty line with no meaningful way to earn any income.

Building Capacity While Serving the Poor 

The great news is that our partnership with the Presbyterian Church in Kinshasa is building local capacity and they are very busy achieving this critical strategy. The challenge is that will take many years to build. It requires increasing training and improving capabilities even as our partners handle hundreds of patients on a daily basis. The centers must find ways to keep and attract new patients that can pay in order to offset the costs of ministering to patients with no ability to pay even the smallest amount … a bit like building the plane even as it is rolling down the runway.

You Can Help Create Local Capacity by Helping Meet Urgent Needs

Building local capacity in Kinshasa will take continued time and dedication, which MBF and its partners are committed to providing. But it also requires support to meet the most urgent and immediate needs.

Lab tech looks at samples for possible signs of malaria.

Lab tech looks at samples for possible signs of malaria.

Will you help meet those needs?

  • $25 can provide supplies and medications for one expectant mother.
  • $80 can provide treatment for 4 children infected with acute malaria.
  • $150 can provide specialized training needed this year for one doctor or nurse.

Help build local capacity for the people of Kinshasa and to honor someone who has helped you in your life. When you give a gift to honor someone, we’ll send the person you choose a card letting them know you have made this gift in their honor.

We are so thankful for your continued partnership with the Church in Kinshasa to help build the local capacity to serve some of the very neediest people in the world.

Thank you!

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