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It’s a Boy – and He is Healthy!

He didn’t know he was a miracle. He had no idea about high-risk pregnancies or hospitals. All the minutes-old boy saw through squinty brown eyes was his mother and her smile. She knew; he didn’t have to, and he could rest contentedly in the safety of his mother’s arms. Thirty-one year-old Chisomo had lost children […]

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Preservation of Hope in DR Congo

She hugs her beautiful baby weakly.  It is all the energy she has left.  She is weary, ill, and looking to a guaranteed long and indefinite recovery period at the hospital.  Let us call her Hope.  Not her real name, Hope suffered a critical complication following a C-section at a local medical center.  Her fever […]

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Born to Live

Pretty, 25 year-old Nathalie had just given birth to her fourth child. Joyfully, Nurse Cetoute Frigénie held up the shiny-eyed newborn to a camera. Baby Claudine had survived and was going home to join her father and two siblings. In partnership with MBF, the Primary Health Center of the Episcopal Church of Haiti is the […]

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