Fall Appeal 2017

Nursing Scholarships – Creating Sustainable Change

Bantu Makabu

Thank you for transforming lives and helping build sustainable health care in the countries of DR Congo, Haiti, Malawi and Kenya! Through your ministry, impoverished young men and women in these countries are able to hold their heads high as they continue their education through nursing scholarships from our partner nursing schools.

Students like Angel Banda, who grew up in a large family and had what seemed an impossible dream in light of his circumstances. As hard as his parents worked the farm to support he and his siblings, it is not at all surprising that Angel was not able to complete his education. His family’s needs had to come first. Education was not the concern. Survival was paramount. Angel was willing to do the school work and yet the opportunity to go to nursing school was out of his reach. This is the reality of poverty in developing countries. But it is because of people like you who step in to help, encourage, and equip young men like Angel that he received a scholarship from MBF partner Nkhoma Nursing School where he is able to continue his education.

Bantu Makabu

Ultimately, this happy ending gives Angel the ability to improve his life as well as his family’s, and also addresses the most important aspect of the health care systems—the people that make them work. In most low-income countries, a trained and competent workforce for health care does not exist in sufficient numbers to bring about the critically needed change. Without enough nursing professionals that are properly educated, trained, and supported these countries will continue to struggle to rescue their people from the cycle of poverty.

While Angel is beginning his education through his scholarship from Nkhoma Nursing School in Malawi, Bantu Makabu is continuing to advance in her studies through a scholarship she received from MBF partner ITM Nursing School in Lubondaie, located in DR Congo. Because of you she has an opportunity to better her practice in her community, which essentially benefits each of her patients with quality care. She is being equipped to touch many more lives and expand the ministry of healing, spreading God’s love and creating effective and sustainable change.

How can you help?
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), as of 2013 there is a worldwide shortage of 9 million nurses. In developing countries that shortage is acute. Nurses are critical, not only in the delivery of essential health care services, but are at the core overall in the areas of improvement and advancement of health care systems. MBF believes that to build sustainable health care ministries we must develop and support indigenous health care workers. This means making sure that potential nursing students are given the chance to attend school and are prepared with the supplies they need to be successful.

Honor the dream of someone who can change the world.
Living an MBF scholarship to a nursing student is affording someone like Angel or Bantu so much more than an education. This gift transforms the lives of the recipients as well as their families, and can change communities. For just $4,000 you can scholarship someone for one full year of nursing school; for $400 you can help with a part of a scholarship; and for $40 you can help with the supplies needed for nursing school. To ensure the increase in nurses in developing countries give a gift below.