FSIL Graduation 11 2017

FSIL Graduation –  November 2017

MBF believes that nurses are the cornerstone of every health care system. They are critical, not only in the delivery of essential health services, but they are also at the core of strengthening health care systems. The developing world faces numerous challenges in addressing the growing health care needs and concerns of its people. These communities are struggling to manage the evolving disease burdens with limited resources and staff. A key strategy to combat what could play into the poverty spiral is to build a nursing workforce that is highly educated, well trained and empowered to influence change. This is happening in partnership with the indigenous church and nursing schools, and we are encouraged as we hear about the successes.

Faculty of Nursing Science of the Episcopal University of Haiti (FSIL) has the only nursing baccalaureate program in Haiti. This is a critical distinction and major advancement in health education for this small country. The commencement ceremony for FSIL was held on November 4th, where 32 students were honored for their hard work. This was also a celebration for 16 of those 32 women, as they were the school’s very first master level class. We celebrate with FSIL and congratulate one of our own, Haiti Country Coordinator, Paule-Nice Stanfil who graduated with honors.

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