Harvey Recovery – Houston

Dear Partner in Ministry,

The past five days have been some of the most challenging times here in Houston. Homes destroyed, families separated, the sudden loss of life and the uncertain future, have and will continue to challenge the faith of many. Thank you for the calls and emails our staff have received regarding our well-being and the ministry of MBF. We are grateful for your sincere concern, compassionate hearts and your prayers.

When we talk about disasters at MBF, it is normally in the context of mobilizing partners in the U.S. to respond to the needs of the international partners, like the hurricane in Haiti last October. We have been blessed to learn that international partners are now responding by praying for us! What a beautiful picture of Christ’s Church encouraging and caring for one another.

Some have contacted us regarding a desire to help those in need in Houston. We certainly appreciate that at times of disaster it is difficult to sort through all of the many needs and have a sense of certainty that your gift will be used effectively. MBF is certainly willing to work as your local partner on the ground to make sure that your gifts are handled well. Additionally in keeping with our core mission to serve God, we also want to make sure that our efforts support those able to incorporate spiritual needs as well as physical needs. Often God uses major life events to strip away our barriers and bring us closer to him.

In response to the requests, we have identified specific areas of need and have established a special Hurricane Harvey Fund for those who feel called to give. The following is our current plan for response:

  • Individuals and Families: Many of our long-time church and ministry partners in the region are working tirelessly to minister to the overwhelming needs of their congregations and the immediate community they serve. No church budget has enough margin to respond to this level of devastation.We have already been in contact with the leaders at each of these churches and have established a network of those responding. We have also been in contact with the relief agencies that we work with for international aid. There is the possibility of shipping truckloads of needed supplies and utilizing the churches for distribution.We have tremendous respect and working relationships with each and know that financial support received will be used appropriately.
  • MBF Staff: MBF staff in Houston have been impacted personally. We are grateful that all are safe and have not been physically harmed. However, as of today, two staff member’s homes were flooded and others forced to evacuate. I know the lengthy wait for insurance claims and added expenses of evacuation will be very difficult for some of these families.
  • MBF National Office: While we will be able to reopen our office in Houston next Tuesday, we recognize that we support global partners whose day-to-day ministry is critical in the lives of so many. We are making plans and contingencies to ensure that our work continues regardless of our challenging situation and surroundings.

We ask you to stand with us as we serve our church partners and our staff and here in Houston. They have been a blessing to us for decades and now is our opportunity to care for them in their time of need.

We have established a special Harvey Relief Fund to help address these needs. To give a gift give in the form below or mail your contribution to MBF P.O. Box 96877 Washington, DC 20077-7922.

When considering your gift, I would ask that you prioritize the needs of the international partners with your regular support, and then consider any support beyond your regular giving to help our hurricane relief effort.

Please join me in praying for those hurt and devastated, those serving through churches and shelters, and rescue teams working in harm’s way. May the love of Christ and the fellowship of His presence calm our hearts restoring our spirits in service.

With much gratitude,





E. Andrew Mayo
Executive Director

P.S. Each prayer and gift of support for these Harvey relief efforts means so much to me. Thank you for helping to make a difference in the lives of those in need.