January Prayer

The Israelites were in a quandary. In front of them, they had Moses looking towards the Red Sea and raising a staff to the heavens. Behind them, advancing with great speed were Pharoah and his army. Surely they were doomed, either drowned at sea or returned to a life of slavery. But God kept the Egyptians at bay while the nation of Israel passed safely through the parted waters. What seemed an impossible situation was now a reason to rejoice.

Last August, Hurricane Harvey made landfall as one of the strongest category 4 storms since Charley hit the United States in 2004. It dumped a historic 27 trillion gallons of water on Texas and Louisiana, leaving many neighborhoods completely submerged. Even MBF was affected as two of our staff members from our office here in Houston lost their houses to the flood.

Churches and individuals responded immediately to the urgent pleas for help. Friends and strangers alike sprang into action in an unprecedented effort to stand strong and help people put their lives back together. We experienced firsthand the miraculous outpouring and selfless response even for our own staff, yet we could not have anticipated the unintended consequences for MBF.

Because of the focus on the disaster response, the end of year giving to MBF by both individuals and churches was substantially below budget.

While we understand the emergency redirection of financial support, this shortfall could have a devastating effect on our ministry commitment this year to those we serve together around the world. Babies are still being born in developing countries, students are still being educated in our partner nursing schools and the sick, wounded and dying are still being admitted to our partner hospitals and clinics.

Like the Israelites facing the Red Sea, MBF is in a position of looking to God to lead us in what feels like a very challenging situation. We hope that you recognize it is God who provides the vision of sustainable health care for our partners in the poorest countries in the world.

He continues to bless his work, and for over 50 years simply calls us to be faithful partners with him. It’s not our work. It is his.

As we begin 2018 in a deficit position, the Board and staff have agreed to dedicate time in the month of January to pray for MBF and the global partners we serve. Our plan is to send everyone a weekly postcard that highlights one global partner and those they minister to.

We are asking the Lord to continue to lead us and provide for the men, women and children we serve. As a faithful member of the ministry team with MBF, will you join us in prayer each Friday? Before each Friday in January we will post a prayer card with a topic of prayer on it that you can print out to remind you to join with us in prayer that Friday.

We would also humbly ask that you consider a one-time gift, above and beyond your normal giving to help us get back on track this year. To give a gift click here or click the “donate now” icon at the bottom of the page.

We believe that God has a miraculous plan to lead us through the Red Sea situation we face and we know that prayer is the most powerful tool that He has given us. Thank you for your gracious, continued partnership in ministry. We thank you in advance for joining us in prayer and wait with great expectation for what God will do this year.

For each weeks prayer focus reminder click here.