Lent Appeal 2017

Photo 1 A sixth grade boy lies in a bed at Chogoria Hospital in Kenya. Having undergone a life-saving surgery from the harmful effects of ingesting chemicals he is tired, scared and alone. He looks up as an older gentleman introduces himself as a preacher who works at the hospital.

Day after day their conversations become something this boy looks forward to even after he is released and returns back for his follow-up visits. Each time the preacher tells him that God loves him. He fills him with hope and eventually leads him to the personal decision of accepting Jesus as his savior. This is just one of the many ways that Eliphas Mutegi serves patients as part of the Chaplaincy team at the hospital.

Reverend Roy Kamau and his team at Chogoria are very busy going about what God has called them to. They handle various liturgical tasks and tend to the spiritual needs of both the patients and the staff at the hospital. This past December, there were 1,250 patients witnessed to, 38 Bibles distributed, 55 patients counseled and 22 prayers with waiting families.

While Chogoria Mission Hospital is not the only facility that includes a component of spiritual ministry, it is a model for other MBF partner hospitals that are looking for ways to strengthen and reenergize the spiritual component in their patient care protocols. While advancements in technology allow doctors to operate and correct what is wrong with the physical self, we know only God can heal the heart and mind.

For all MBF partners, there is a deep desire to include a spiritual component in the care they provide to their communities, but the lack of funds creates an overwhelming challenge. Poverty takes away choice. Physical care will always come first. Lives must be saved.                    donate now

How can you help? 

photo 2Including a spiritual component in health care provides a more holistic approach that research studies show greatly improves patient outcomes. It strengthens the care relationship between doctors and their patients; it helps patients cope with their illness better; and is an important consideration when making critical medical decisions.

Will you help us equip these mission hospitals with spiritual care so they may better serve those most in need? Through a program called the Saline Process MBF is looking to equip each of its hospital partners in the developing world. Coordinated by IHS Global, the Saline Process trains hospital staff to understand the benefits of and the practical applications to integrating faith in their patients’ care.

The process is collaborative with God’s heart for His people and is carried out with sensitivity and respect. In total, $10,000 could touch every mission partner in the effort to equip them with the ability to treat the whole patient. That is the core of sustainable health care! Your gift of $400 could send one doctor or nurse to the Saline training. A gift of $200 can provide hospitals with Bibles and hymnals needed for church services. Even a gift of $50 can be combined with others to bring spiritual ministry to where it is needed most.


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