Malawi LifeSaver Clinic Launch!

In every African country there are local church-owned primary care clinics in rural communities, with nurses or medical assistants providing 75% – 80% of the care. Unfortunately, the vast majorities of these clinics are inadequately equipped and staff are ill-trained. Oftentimes the care is at best poor and tragically can be fatal. For example, in a recent evaluation of 20 clinics in Malawi, half of the clinics did not even have what we would consider basic equipment, such as a functioning blood pressure cuff or otoscope for examining ears. In others, drugs were expired or so improperly stored as to render them useless. This is a large problem that affects so many lives. Poverty strips away any real difference that these clinics can make inside their communities.

LifeSaver Clinic Network Launched in Malawi

As Christians we know that a problem is never too big for God, and we are constantly in awe of how he shows us the answer. Through doors that were open to us and conversations that were divinely appointed, the LifeSavers Clinic Network was born.

The pilot program in Malawi was formally launched in May 2018 with 12 church-owned clinics. It has been limited to a small group of select clinics in a 50-mile radius of the capital city of Lilongwe, in order to minimize travel time and maximize the successful implementation and impact at the selected clinics. A pre-pilot assessment has been completed and standardized assessments will be conducted at regular intervals.

The ultimate goal of the LifeSavers Clinic Network is to enable a local church to help its community to become healthier and avoid the poverty trap of ill health, while enabling the church-owned clinic to become financially sustainable.

How You Can Make An Impact

Once the results of the pilot program are demonstrated, additional phases will roll out the program to other church-owned clinics in both northern and southern Malawi.

There are a total of 170 church-owned community clinics in Malawi, and we are starting with 12.  It is a long way to go and we need people like you who understand what equipping these clinics with the right resources could do, not only for the church, but also for the entire community. Would you prayerfully consider what your role could look like with a project of this magnitude?

The LifeSavers Clinic Network provides both medical as well as administrative training for each church-owned primary care clinic. It helps the clinic form standardized medical treatment practices based on established international best practices for maternal, neonatal and child health, HIV/AIDS, malaria, reproductive health and more. Management training includes financial systems for accounting, record keeping, pharmacy and human resource management.

A gift of $3,200 could equip one clinic with equipment and supplies to serve their community well.  You could bring Saline Training to a clinic for $1,000 and empower the staff to share the Gospel through quality patient care. For $300 you could supply training materials to a clinic for one month.  This is a situation where a gift of any size will make a very large difference in the lives of many who would otherwise be forgotten. Click here to make a donation.

Thank you for your prayers and partnership. We could not do this without you.

God has both a plan for long-term sustainability and also cares for the lives of people today. He has the timing. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be a part of this at a grass roots level and see what He does with it? We invite you to walk with us in this new adventure.