Maternity Care for Mothers in Malawi

Maternity Care for Mothers in Malawi

Most pregnant women, whether it is their first child or their fourth, are filled with legitimate concerns and questions, such as: Will my baby be healthy? What will labor and delivery be like? What if something goes wrong?

Maternity patient arriving at Nkhoma from an area health center

Maternity patient arriving at Nkhoma from an area health center

For mothers in Malawi, these questions are now less frightening. More women are giving birth in hospitals, which has significantly reduced both the infant and maternal mortality rates. At Nkhoma Mission Hospital, their ‘Safe Motherhood Program’ which started in 2008 has increased to 96% of women delivering in the hospital. The impact of this has been an 80% reduction in maternal mortality.

However, this great news comes at a price.

The Malawi government has made a commitment to provide free care for maternity patients and children under the age of five through reimbursements to the hospitals. But, reimbursement rates have not increased to match the rising costs of medical care or the increased number of patients. And, as is often the case in developing countries, government payments are sporadic, leaving the hospitals to shoulder a greater portion of the cost.

MBF is working with our partner, Nkhoma, and four other Malawi mission hospitals to help bridge that gap for patients who cannot afford care – patients like Dorica.


Dorica with one of her babies

Dorica was referred to Nkhoma Hospital from Mtenthera Health Centre. She arrived one day before the breech delivery of twin boys. Each boy weighed 3 lbs. 8 oz. In addition to their low birth weight, one of the babies needed additional care due to low oxygen levels. But both babies got the care they needed, and Dorica was able to stay close in the hospital’s Kangaroo Mother Care unit.

Help Bridge the Gap

As Christians we are called to help those less fortunate and you can answer that call. Your ministry can help to ensure more mothers like Dorica have the chance to deliver healthy babies.

MBF ministry partners like you, have pledged to fill the gap of $17.50 for each birth. That doesn’t sound like much, but it is overwhelming to the mothers and hospitals in Malawi. More than 200 mothers will deliver at Nkhoma this month – over 850 total at all our partners in Malawi.

Our goal for May is simple – we want to cover the 850 mothers who will deliver this month.

Could you cover the cost of 1 mother per week for May? That’s only $70 to help make that happen. Even a gift of just one delivery, $17.50 will make a huge impact. Frankly, we can’t think of a better gift for Mother’s Day than the gift of motherhood.

Honor a special mother or someone who has made an impact in your life by helping provide life-saving maternity care. When you make your gift, we’ll send the person you choose a card letting them know you have made this gift in their honor. Fill in the form below to give your gift today. You can also download and print this Mother’s Day card to personally give to your honoree and avoid any postal delay.

Helping needy mothers and babies get off to a healthy start – now that’s a real Mother’s Day celebration!

Thank you!

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