MBF’s Haiti Pharmaceutical Network

“Thank you for the incredible donation of pharmaceuticals. We received them today and the staff all send their many expressions of gratitude.”

Sara Simeunovic, Executive Director of Haiti Healthcare Partners

Free pharmaceutiques distribution to Keith Martin the “Centre Hospitalier L’Eau de Vie » administrator.

When Hurricane Matthew hit the small island of Haiti in October of last year, many were quick to respond. Recovery was a slow process. As the days turned to months, resources were so depleted that treating even the most basic medical issues became a challenge. Recovery was slow and medicines and supplies were hard to come by. A miracle was needed and God called on MBF and its partners to stand in the gap. Several pharmaceutical companies donated large amounts of critically needed medicines, but they needed a way to get them to Haiti, and a way to distribute them to hospitals and clinics that were desperate for help. Because of its long-term partnerships in Haiti, MBF was asked to coordinate that effort.

Mother with her child at “klinik ti moun nou yo” in Port-Salut

What started as a relief effort has grown into a network of 18 Christ-centered hospitals and clinics serving all denominations of God’s church in Haiti. The results have been astounding. More than 20,000 children, women and men, ranging from infants to the elderly, have been helped. Treatments ranging from the most basic to complex vulnerabilities preventing infection and even death have been made possible from these pharmaceuticals. And all have received these medicines free of charge. The Haiti Pharmaceutical Network continues to serve those most in need and we look forward with great anticipation to see how God will continue to work through us.

MBF is a Christ-centered organization dedicated to transforming lives by working with the indigenous church in developing countries to build sustainable medical ministries and share the Gospel.