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nursingstudentatworkmaternitywardimck“I just have to tell you the story about my new friend Emily. She is a Malawian nurse who just graduated the Ekwendeni nursing school. After meeting her and sharing large chunks of my day with her in the malaria/TB testing room, she asked me my age. I told her I was 20 years old, 4 years younger than her. She immediately proclaimed that I was her little sister. That moment was so beautiful to me because all of a sudden I realized that without even knowing each other more than a week or so, we were going to be lifelong friends. Whether or not she meant it in this way, we are and will always be sisters of Christ.”

“Watching local women with babies on their backs tilling their fields and trying to provide for their families renewed my sense of compassion for those who live in poverty. I reflect on many such images on a daily basis and such knowledge impacts my own choices and decisions, especially in regards to personal finances as well as my work.” 

You’ve read the stories, seen the images, and watched the videos. You know that your ministry partnership is making a difference. Now it’s time to get a passport!

Have you ever wanted to experience the transformation firsthand? We believe the very best way for our supporters to understand the value of their impact is simply to see it for themselves. That’s why we’re inviting you to join one of MBF’s mission teams and take the journey with us to outreach locations around the world.

If you have a passion to be the hands and feet of Jesus on the ground, this opportunity is for you! Learn more about upcoming opportunities below.

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Mission Trips