Mobile Clinic Experiences Change Students’ Hearts

Phara Paul, 3rd year FSIL student

Phara Paul, 3rd year FSIL student

In May 2014, Geffrard Guerline made a discovery – her nursing skills may qualify her to be the only source of healthcare for an entire community.

FSIL, the MBF partnering nursing school in Léogâne, Haiti, organized mobile clinics in four remote areas across the country last spring. Some students were selected to participate as part of their training. They experienced unique cases, specialties, and procedures that enhanced their technical skills. Perhaps most importantly, they encountered patients, and these people touched the students’ hearts.

Guerline, in her third year at FSIL, reported how learning to do physical examinations gave her opportunity to educate the community of Molas in basic preventative care, such as brushing teeth and hand washing. She noticed a great need for assistance and medical support. “…people of [Molas] do not have access to the health center. There is no infrastructure and no condition is met in order to keep its people healthy,” she said.

Phara Paul volunteered at the same mobile clinic and also observed the complete absence of healthcare in that community. “We gave our best to meet as many people as possible,” she said.

Students involved in the mobile clinics often find inspiration and a fresh focus on their goals. As a result of this experience, Guerline has dedicated herself to be come a nurse practitioner offering services to people in remote provinces. “I thank the FSIL for choosing me to have this experience, because it made me grow up and gives me the strength to move forward in my studies, to put my knowledge to the community,” she said.

At a mobile clinic in Bondeau, a similar change of heart occurred. Second year student Lafleur Miselène wrote of her experience there and how she has a renewed passion for sensitivity with respect to her patients. She is determined to be a competent nurse who never stops learning.

She stated what no doubt many patients of FSIL’s mobile clinics would like to express, “Again, thank you. God bless you all.”

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