Mothers Day 2018

“…I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”

John 10:10

Who is she? She could be young or entering her 40’s. Maybe she is carrying her third child or just finding out she is pregnant for the first time. She could be sitting on the dirt floor of her home wondering if the baby she will hopefully carry to term will live past the age of five years old. Perhaps she is preparing to travel for hours so that she can receive pre-natal care from the only health care facility available to her.

She is a faceless and nameless representation of the millions like her who are at risk of preventable deaths. What separates her from any mother, wife or friend that you know who is pregnant? She lives in the developing world and does not have access to the health care that we so easily take for granted.

Efforts toward sustainability in medical missions have begun to rewrite history. The results have been incredible. Globally, the maternal mortality rate has decreased by almost 40%. In places like Malawi, where MBF has been working for years, as of 2015, they have cut their maternal mortality rate by more than half.

Infant mortality rates have declined by almost 50%. That means six million more babies are surviving birth. At MBF partner, the Darbonne Maternal Child & Health Clinic in Léogâne, Haiti, their infant mortality rate is now equal to that of the U.S.

While much has been accomplished, there is still much work to be done. Each day, about 830 women and more than 15,000 children under the age of five continue to die. Most of them in the developing world and almost all are living in poverty. The church is their only hope and refuge. The church will not turn their back to those most in need and neither will we.

Thanks to partners like you, more babies have the chance to live beyond the age of five years old.

Because of you, mothers have an opportunity to raise their children with the powerful hope that Jesus brings, as the Gospel is shared with them in our partner hospitals and clinics.

Honoring your mother.

We invite you this Mother’s Day to honor the mother you know and love by equipping our partners in places like Haiti, Malawi, DR Congo and Kenya towards best practices. Will you join us as we share the abundant life that Jesus came to give with the most innocent?

  • For a gift of $500 you could provide specialized training for a pediatric doctor or nurse.
  • A gift of $250 could cover a common pediatric surgery like appendicitis or complications from typhoid fever.
  • A gift of $75 could give a mother the quality pre- and post-natal care that she and her baby desperately need to have a chance at a healthy life.

Any amount is helpful and will support every effort to sustain life.