Born to Live

 Pretty, 25 year-old Nathalie had just given birth to her fourth child. Joyfully, Nurse Cetoute Frigénie held up the shiny-eyed newborn to a camera. Baby Claudine had survived and was going home to join her father and two siblings.

In partnership with MBF, the Primary Health Center of the Episcopal Church of Haiti is the only access to basic health care in Darbonne and neighboring communities. Its newly built Maternal and Child Health Clinic (MCHC), with its prenatal, delivery, and family planning care greatly reduces the extraordinarily high infant mortality rate in the area.

Nathalie had lost the third of Claudine’s siblings during childbirth in her home, far from medical help. In her rural community there are no medicines, incubators, IVs, bilirubin lights, or C-sections. That baby had never breathed due to lack of what we so often take for granted.

Nathalie now urges other hopeful women to come to MCHC. Knowing how grateful she is to hold a live and cooing Claudine, she has heartily thanked the staff for their excellent maternity services that save lives.

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