The Story Behind the Picture

Jean Batena, IMCK lab tech

Jean Batena, IMCK lab tech

Quite often I am asked “What does MBF do?” This photo is a great picture of the ministry of MBF…..but as always, you need to know the story behind the picture:

Dr. John Fletcher sent this photo of the new Leica microscope that was purchased for a program to do cytology examination of specimens at IMCK (Christian Medical Institute of the Kasai) in DR Congo. John is an MBF supported PCUSA medical missionary, and MBF worked with him in coordinating this project to improve medical care in the region.

The funds for the new microscope were generously donated by Myers Park Presbyterian Church. Then Joel Cambron generously contributed his time and lab technology expertise in ordering the microscope so that IMCK would have exactly what is needed.  Another family helped procure a notebook computer for receiving, processing, and emailing the images. In addition Joel and his wife Karla made the trip to IMCK to deliver the microscope and to spend about 10 days so that he could work with the lab technician, Jean Batena, who will be responsible for using the microscope.  Joel and Jean had a very profitable time together and Jean quickly mastered the use and maintenance of equipment.

There is yet another part of this story. Jean has been in Kinshasa doing his masters degree in lab technology with scholarship funding provided by other MBF partners.  When he completes his degree in about a month, he will begin a cytology tele-medicine program in collaboration with a university in Switzerland.

A missionary surgeon serves at a mission hospital – an MBF church partner provides the funds for the microscope – another partner purchases a computer to manage images – yet another volunteer orders the microscope and then delivers it and provides training – he trains a lab tech who is being supported in his training by some other MBF partners.

The impact? A hospital is better equipped, an entire region of women, children and men get better medical care, and the Gospel is proclaimed.

We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him,
who have been called according to his purpose.                Romans 8:28

How cool is it to be part of doing things exactly the way God has it planned?

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