Lab Tech Degree Gives New Life

momahospitallabtechlookingatsmearformalariaJean Batena Tshisenge is a dreamer with both the faith and the grit to transform wishes into tangible assets. In providing for their family of seven, Jean and his wife Suzanne Ngondo Kenge plant a small variety of crops and raise a few animals. Thigh-high gardening beds efficiently decrease weed problems, enrich the soil, and allow plants to mature at a faster rate. The physical ease of tending higher ground allows energy to be focused elsewhere, such as on Jean’s occupational dream.

Jean is the Director of Lab Technology at this IMCK (Christian Medical Institute of the Kasai) school in Tshikaji, DR Congo.  Suzanne is also an instructor at the ITM School. Although their family home is next to Good Shepherd Hospital in Tshikaji, DR Congo, in September 2012 Jean entered a two-year lab technology graduate program over 500 miles away in Kinshasa, the nation’s capital. With his master’s degree, he will be able to help establish and teach in a new college level lab tech program at IMCK.

Jean was blessed to be able to raise funds for his first year of classes. Donations for scholarships are helping him finish his second year before graduation. In a thank you letter to MBF for connecting partnering families to their financial need, Suzanne writes, “What you all have done for Jean has also been for me too. I have spoken with Jean and he has already started on his dissertation.”

Jean’s climb, vocationally speaking, is a family sacrifice. Suzanne and the children miss him and want him home. He will return home this summer, having achieved his goal. His hard work, combined with the scholarship support and prayers of God’s people will mean new challenges and service for Jean and higher ground for IMCK and medical care in DR Congo

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