Summer Update 2017

“For such a time as this…,” the weight of the lives of a marginalized people hung in the balance as a young queen Esther took a risk because of her faith. Her obedience to God saved an entire people from eradication. She could have ignored what was clearly in front of her, but instead she answered the call. Like Esther, you too have answered God’s call to help. Rather than look away you have reached out to meet the needs of those who might otherwise be forgotten. Thank you for not turning away.

Because of your partnership with MBF, we are transforming lives as we work together with the indigenous church in developing countries to build sustainable medical ministries. You are reaching out to those most in need and building sustainable medical ministries in some of the poorest countries around the globe. This past year alone, you have helped:

more than 12,000 mothers and their babies get a healthy start to life by being able to give birth at one of MBF’s partner hospitals and clinics.

more than 1,800 new nursing students, at eight of our nursing school partners, start or continue their nursing education so that they can help improve access to health care in the developing world, as well as provide them with a career that can help lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

deliver over $10 million of life saving medicines to a network of Christian non-profits in Haiti all working to provide basic medical care in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.

improve access to health care for more than 435,000 patients that seek treatment at MBF’s 10 partner hospitals and clinics in Haiti, Malawi, Kenya and DR Congo.

Just as important as our goal to build sustainable health care is our mission to ensure every patient and their family at our partner facilities has the opportunity to hear the Good News of the Gospel. We know from our experience that including a spiritual component in health care provides a more holistic approach that research shows greatly improves patient outcomes. You have helped us provide training, materials and resources that allows our partners to heal both body and soul.

You make a difference in Malawi

Carolyn Kanyika was pregnant with her third child. When it was time to deliver her child she walked 25 miles to Ekwendeni Hospital so that she could have a safe childbirth. While Carolyn’s husband does work as a tobacco farmer, the family did not have the extra funds to pay the hospital fees. But thanks to your support and others like you, Carolyn was able to give birth in a hospital with access to health care providers and medicines, giving her and her baby a chance for a healthy start to life.

“We are very thankful to Ekwendeni Hospital for the good care during the period we were delivering our baby at the hospital. We commend MBF for helping the hospital pay the bills. We ask God to guide MBF and Ekwendeni Hospital to continue doing the same for many others in need.”

Nursing Scholarships in Haiti
Rose Nadia Charles, a fourth-year student at FSIL in Haiti, has always dreamt of becoming a nurse. But as the oldest of six girls in the family, she knew that going to nursing school would be difficult, if not impossible. Her parents did not have steady work and what income they did generate went to food and clothing for their girls. Rose was able to find some work to help with school expenses and her parents contributed when they could, but it wasn’t enough. Without the help of MBF and its scholarship program supporters, Rose would not have been able to afford her fourth and final year at FSIL.

I extend my sincere thanks to FSIL and the Medical Benevolence Foundation for having contributed to my success. Thank you for not abandoning me on my journey, thank you for your patience, and thank you very much for taking good care of me.”

These are just a couple of stories about how, together, we are transforming lives in the developing world by improving access to health care. With your support we will walk alongside our international partners and provide them resources they need to treat their patients today, while building sustainable medical ministries to meet the health care needs of their community tomorrow.

Like Esther, you did not look away, but put your faith in God. At MBF we are in awe of the many ways God’s love has already been declared through the hope you have given. Thank you for your faithfulness. Thank you for your ministry. And thank you for your generous support. None of what we do is possible without you.

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