Alternative Giving: A Gift That Lasts

Have you ever struggled to choose the right gift during the Holiday season? You spend months shopping and brainstorming, only to have your loved ones forget about that gift by January.

What if there was a better way… one that would make a lasting impact on the lives of people who are in desperate need around the globe?

MBF (Medical Benevolence Foundation) has the perfect solution for you this year! Our Alternate Giving Program is a long-standing tradition that gives you the opportunity to remember the true meaning of the Christmas season. Rather than giving traditional, store-bought gifts that touch just one person for a short time, our alternate gifts are given in honor of a loved one, offer a unique way to show you care, and can touch the lives of hundreds – if not thousands – of people around the globe.

Our alternate gifts impact global issues, such as increasing access to health care, reducing poverty and providing educational opportunities to those who would otherwise continue to suffer in their tragic situations.

As you shop, consider these unique gifts available to you this year.  

If you are a church, check out our materials available for download below. You can request free support materials by downloading and mailing in the Alternative Giving Materials Request Form below or fill out the form at the bottom of this page. 

Together we can help your family and church focus on the true meaning of Christmas!

Download these items for more information about how you can support MBF.


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