IMCK – Good Shepherd Hospital

Operating Room

Operating Room

DR Congo


  • Hospital beds – 150
  • Total Staff – 148
  • In Patient Admissions – 5,000
  • Outpatient Visits – 25,000
  • Maternity Deliveries – 851

Target Areas for Sustainable Impact

  • Increase community access to hospital services and improved patient care
  • Increase availability of local medical expertise through physician training program
  • Develop new generations of qualified hospital staff
  • Increase self-sustainability through renovation and maintenance of hydro-electric project
  • Increase hospital revenue from paying patients to cover cost for patients unable to pay

The Christian Medial Institute of the Kasai (IMCK) was founded in Lubondai in 1954, with the objective of training qualified medical and dental personnel to witness to the healing ministry of the Church. In 1964 IMCK moved to Tshikaji, near Kananga. Good Shepherd Hospital was started in 1974, to provide a clinical setting in order to carry out its teaching responsibilities. GSH seeks to witness the love of Jesus Christ through its medical services and also through the chaplaincy department and the varied activities within the communities it serves.

Good Shepherd Hospital (L’Hôpital du Bon Berger) is a 160-bed reference/teaching hospital located adjacent to the village of Tshikaji (West Kasai Province). IMCK also has a nursing school and a laboratory technician school with teaching programs for medical students. Good Shepherd Hospital has a highly respected public health program. It collaborates directly with the Tshikaji Health Zone to provide support for many community-based health and development programs through the Tshikaji village health and maternity center, and the regional Nutritional Rehabilitation Center.

chiefofintmedatpaxstudiesxrayThe Good Shepherd Hospital serves and provides quality patient care as well as training for healthcare professionals. The hospital is a key regional referral hospital in central Congo and has developed the reputation as the facility of “last resort”. This means it receives a large numbers of patients from great distances who have far advanced diseases that present great health care challenges and opportunities for student education. Good Shepherd Hospital provides surgery, obstetrics, pediatrics, general medicine, ophthalmology, radiology and laboratory services, regardless of the patient’s ability to pay. Good Shepherd Hospital treats an average of 5,000 inpatients, performs 1,200 surgeries and sees 25,000 outpatients at its main campus and mobile clinics.

PAX Polyclinic is an IMCK outpatient clinic in downtown Kananga, a city with a population of over one million. In 2012, this busy clinic registered 12,537 patients and the 21 bed maternity unit served 606 women. The clinic offers a wide array of services, including internal medicine, ENT, ophthalmology, dentistry, OB/GYN, well-baby care, pediatrics, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, outpatient surgery, lab, X-ray, pharmacy and emergency room care.

The IMCK and its Good Shepherd Hospital have served and continue to serve as the most advanced health care and educational facility in the province. It is one of the primary means by which the church reaches out to aid the sick and the poor and demonstrates God’s love in a tangible way.

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