Moma Hospital

Young mothers in the maternity ward

Young mothers in the maternity ward

DR Congo


  • Hospital beds – 60
  • Total Staff – 26
  • In Patient Admissions – 1,134
  • Outpatient Visits – 4,854
  • Maternity Deliveries – 336

Target Areas for Sustainable Impact

  • Reduction in maternal mortality and infant mortality
  • Increase community access to primary healthcare services including treatment of malaria

Located 220 km south of Kananga in the West Kasai Province, Moma Hospital is the only health institution of the Presbyterian Church of Congo in the Luiza health zone and the entire territory of Luiza.

Moma Mission Station was originally built in the 1930’s. When the Presbyterian Church took over the responsibility it worked with the Belgian government to build two small buildings in 1950 – a dispensary and a maternity ward with 12 beds. An old storage building and a laundry room were converted to hold 30 more beds. In the 1950’s Presbyterian mission workers obtained approval and funds for a new 42×100 ft. foot building, designed to accommodate an operating room, x-ray, pharmacy, sterilizing room and office space.. Today Moma Hospital has a 60-bed capacity.

Moma Hospital continues to work to serve the health needs of the local area population of about 30,000 and is responsible for care of all seven sectors of the territory of Luiza and its surrounding area. The local population is engaged in agriculture and fishing. Drinking water sources are streams and rivers with no developed water purification, which contributes to elevated rates of infected wounds.

Recently Moma went through some significant renovations which included a new generator to be able to do surgeries later in the day, repairs of cracked walls in several buildings, new operating table and pharmaceuticals and paving of the area between the buildings. These updates helps Moma provide better quality care and care for more patients in a clean and safe facility.

Moma lab technician looking for malaria on a slide.

Moma lab technician looking for malaria on a slide.

An increased use of services by patients indicates trust and a high regard for the services provided by Moma. Prevalent illnesses are malaria, acute respiratory infection, acute diarrhea disease and anemia. The cases of anemia are most often due to malaria, malnutrition and intestinal parasites. With the renewed involvement of community volunteers, Moma’s goal is to expand the vaccination program to reach more than 80% of children in the area.

Limited medical supplies and equipment, and a need for ongoing staff training in anesthesia and intensive care, health, medication management , finance and ophthalmology are a few of the challenges for Moma Hospital.

Moma Hospital has an active chaplaincy program that visits sick inpatients, holds morning worship each day in the waiting room, and organizes Sunday worship for patients.

  • NOTE:  Friends of Moma Hospital is an MBF partner organization committed to rebuilding this 80-year-old hospital in the remote southwestern part of the DR Congo. Visit to find out more about becoming a member of Friends of Moma Hospital. Click here to donate to Moma Hospital or the Moma Endowment Fund.