Year end 2017

 “But God will never forget the needy; the hope of the afflicted will never perish.”

                                                       – Psalm 9:18

As 2017 draws to a close, we wanted to say thank you for your continued faithfulness in our ministry together to build sustainable health care in developing countries. Just a few of the major highlights of the impact you’ve made: over 500,000 hospital patients received much-needed medical care; more than 15,000 mothers had a safe place to deliver their babies ensuring them a healthier future; and over 1,800 nursing students enrolled in our partner nursing schools. Because of partners like you, many of these students were given an MBF scholarship to help equip them for the coming school year. One major area of expansion was providing $11 million of donated pharmaceuticals to 20 different Christian medical ministries in Haiti representing a variety of denominations and serving over 20,000 people with no ability to pay.

The year is ending and the needs are critical.

You have accomplished a lot this year but there are still two equipment and medical supply shipments waiting to go before the end of December. Would you please consider a year-end gift to help finish the year well?

These shipments are being prepared right now. You have the opportunity to equip doctors and nurses at our partner hospitals with medicines, supplies and diagnostic equipment that they are sorely lacking. These are critically needed items that can make the difference between returning a patient to good health or them being left to suffer with ill-health and poverty for their family. For Haiti, the container currently in process includes a new digital x-ray machine for the hospital, an ultrasound machine for the maternity unit and a variety of supplies and pharmaceuticals-almost $2 million in total value.

The container for Malawi will include new delivery tables for the hospital maternity unit, new lights for the O.R. and pharmaceuticals that will be shared among five different hospitals. This container will be almost $1.5 million in total value.

How can you help? 

While many of the contents for each container are donated supplies and equipment, the container itself costs an average of $30,000. This includes shipping, processing, customs agents, ground transportation and more. While this seems like a high cost, it really is an amazing investment when it provides $1 – $2 million in equipment, pharmaceuticals and other medical supplies.

Help us put the tools in the hands of doctors and nurses so that they can provide hope and more importantly the good news of the Gospel to thousands of poor women and children.

  • A gift of $50 can deliver 38 boxes of antibiotics that can treat 3,000 patients in Haiti.
  • A gift of $500 can provide a new delivery table to a hospital in Malawi.
  • A gift of $1,000 can transport new lights for an Operating Room in Malawi.
  • A gift of $3,500 can cover the delivery costs of a new x-ray machine in Haiti.

Thank you for considering a gift that saves lives. At this time of year we wish you and your family a blessed holiday.